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Researchers in Schools

Researchers in Schools (RIS) is a teacher training and professional development programme exclusive to researchers who have completed a doctorate. It exists to increase and disseminate subject expertise, promote research and champion university access within schools by training researchers to become highly-effective classroom teachers and future subject leaders in the education sector. At the same time, RIS enables trainees to maintain an academic profile by providing time and financial support for research projects, writing, publication and attendance at conferences.

Researchers in Schools recruits and places high-calibre candidates to train and then work as teachers in non-selective state schools across the country through a bespoke initial teacher training programme (ITTP) that is exclusive to researchers who have completed, or are finishing, their doctorate.

Programme Aims:

The RIS programme is designed to ensure that trainees are well equipped to deploy their knowledge and skills to the benefit of pupils, schools and universities in three important ways:

  1. To increase and disseminate subject expertise: Increasing the number of high-level subject specialists in non-selective state schools, including shortage subjects like maths and physics, ensuring the dissemination of both subject knowledge and cutting-edge expertise within individual schools and throughout the wider system.
  2. To promote research: Utilising the unique skill set of researchers through a bespoke ITTP that develops the research skills of both pupils and teachers, with a focus on independent enquiry, evidence-based teaching and action research.
  3. To champion university access: Promoting researchers as in-school champions of higher education, who support access to research-intensive universities and provide discrete programmes of learning to challenge and stretch pupils.