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Development of MFL teaching
KS2 and KS3 Languages
Welcome to the languages pages of the Teaching School website.  Here you will find a range of resources for both KS2 and KS3, teaching and training resources.

For trainee teachers (and mentors) there is a mentoring pack for KS2 language teaching and an MFL 'app' covering a wide range of aspects of MFL teaching in KS3 and KS4.

A working party (Guildford Primary Cluster) has produced a range of resources for teachers in KS2 and KS3.  They have produced:
  • a transition unit for KS2 to KS3 French
  • a range of short and easily executed '5 minute activities' for non-specialists in KS2
  • cross-curricular activities for KS2 and KS3
  • activities and materials to teach inter-cultural awareness
  • Smartboard materials

Thanks go to Caroline Mankelow, Annalise Gordon, Sally Peddar, Joy Thompson, Lee Trenchard, Gordon Phillips and Colin Humphrey.

5 minute activities           

You will find below various short teaching activities for French. The teachers’ notes were written particularly with non-specialist colleagues in mind. The idea is that the activities are (a) easy to carry out (b) a short 5 – 10 minute burst of French, which will engage and motivate pupils. The activities include teaching about : food, clothes, colours, numbers, dates, time, sports, weather.  Please click on the following links to access:

French Weather 2 PowerPoint

Ice Creams PowerPoint

Le Temps PowerPoint

Les Fruits PowerPoint

Les Magasins PowerPoint

Teaching Ideas - Food

Teaching Ideas 2

Teaching Ideas - Alphabet

Teaching Ideas - Clothes

Teaching Ideas - Colours

Teaching Ideas - Days Of The Week And Months

Teaching Ideas - Numbers

Teaching Ideas - Sport

Teaching Ideas - Time

Teaching Ideas - Weather


Cross-Curricular starters (KS2, KS3)          

Many schools try to integrate their teaching of languages into the wider curriculum. We are aware that this can seem a challenge, not least to KS2 colleagues who are not language specialists. There are activities here for Maths, Literacy, PE, PSHE (healthy eating) and Physics. Most of the activities are in French, each with teacher's notes.  Some of these activities could be used in KS3 (e.g. to develop numeracy skills as well as revise numbers).  Please click on the following links to access:

A PSHE activity - healthy eating

Alphabet - deaf sign language

Brain Gym - alphabet 2

Brain Gym - Les couleurs 2

Embedding Maths Number Fans

Embedding Maths Arithmetic Starter

Embedding Maths Pelmanism

Embedding Maths Shapes Kim's Game

Embedding Maths Shapes Touch

Embedding PE Captain's Coming Aboard

Embedding PE Warm-up Activity

Literacy Activity Step Version

Literacy PowerPoint

Literacy Connectives Flashcards

Maths Arithmetic Starter

Maths Shapes Starter Activity

PSHE Conscience Corridor

Science Float and Sink PowerPoint

science Food Categories

Starter Activity for Literacy Cognates

Starter Activity for PE Weather Steps Version

Transition KS2 - KS3
We are aware of the need to ensure effective transition between KS2 and KS3. Sometimes pupils find themselves repeating in secondary school some of the work they did in primary school. We offer some materials and teaching ideas for French which we have used in the Guildford area to enhance transition from primary schools to secondary schools.  Please click on the links below to access:

Bridging Unit - Pupils Booklet

Bridging Unit - Teacher's Notes

Cultural Awareness (KS2, KS3)

The DfE funded a national project developing MFL teaching in 2012.  This was overseen by the education charity CfBT.  The Guildford Primary Cluster took part in this, working on materials and strategies to develop inter-cultural awareness in foreign language lessons.  There are activities for KS2 and KS3, in either French (KS2, KS3), Spanish (KS3) or German (KS3), mostly with teacher's notes, please email to request access.  You will also find the reports we published on our own projects for the CfBT, please click here to access.

Smartboard Materials

If you would like access to the smartboard materials - please email to request access.

Trainee Teachers and Mentoring

For KS2 teachers, you will find a Mentoring Pack - please click here to access.  It was designed to support trainee teachers on Teaching Practice.  It could also be useful for newly qualified teachers (NQTs) and their mentors.  It has been updated to refer to the 8 Teachers' Professional Standards.

For KS3 and KS4 teachers, there is an 'app' (for the time being in document format).  This contains an overview of the Teachers' Professional Standards 1-7 in relation specifically to teaching MFL.  There are separate sections for each of the following, please click on the following links to access:

TPS4 (lesson planning and use of the target language)

TPS4 (differentiation in MFL)

TPS6 (assessment for learning)

TPS7 (behaviour management)

There is also guidance on Subject Knowledge (TPS3) and actual delivery (TPS4) with regards to:

Oral Work

Teaching Grammar

GCSE Languages

Use of Target Language

Should you require any further information, please contact