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Research and Development 
“We're not just developing better ways to teach and school-manage today, but for the future. Our research really does make a difference to schools now and the overall teaching practice both locally and nationally.“ Jane Sherlock

One of the ways that Teaching School Alliances support system transformation. We are involved in developing practitioner based research and working with Higher Education Institutions to underpin this work. In addition to the school based practitioner research the George Abbot Teaching School has been successful in applying to complete a number of Research and Development projects including:

  • exploring how best practice in pedagogy can be developed across a partnership of schools (reporting in 2014).
  • developing the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages working with local Primary schools which builds on work that we started as a PDS project and have continued for the last 5 years.
  • improving the understanding of the role of SENCos and capacity for this work in schools.
  • an artswork initiative to maintain and develop the creative elements of the school curriuclum.

We have a member of staff designated to coordinate and develop our Research and Development work. If you would like to be involved in or have ideas for future research and development projects please contact us.

For further information please contact:
Andrew Roach - Director of the Teaching School
Email: aroach@georgeabbot.surrey.sch.uk
Telephone: 01483 888047


Recent Projects:

  • Closing the gap with the new primary national curriculum - to access click here
  • Beyond levels - Alternative assessment approaches developed by teaching schools - to access click here
  • Beyond levels - National curriculum assessment outcomes and impact - to access click here
  • Leadership of great pedagogy in teaching school alliances - to access click here