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The Application Form

Application forms provide an initial impression of a candidate and should be completed with the professional attention to detail that is expected of an intending teacher.

In general, complete all sections of the application form taking great care to provide detailed, accurate, relevant and compelling information that will convince us of your suitability for our programme.


Writing your personal statement

When you submit your UCAS application you will need to write a personal statement.  This is your opportunity to make a big impression, but the available space is limited to 4,000 characters.  A good statement will highlight your personal strong points and how you can bring these to teaching.  You should try and make your statement stand out and avoid using clich├ęs and generic statements that do not tell us something about you as an individual.

As a general guide we suggest you:

  • include your reasons for wanting to teach - why you will enjoy teaching your subject and/or age group?  What qualities do you have that will work well in the classroom?
  • show your understanding of the challenges and rewards of becoming a teacher

  • emphasise the relevance of your previous studies and work experience to teaching your subject/age group
  • provide plenty of evidence and examples of your skills and qualities
  • tell us what you have learnt from your school experience placements and how this has influenced your application
  • provide details of any other experience of working with children or young people such as working as a teaching assistant or volunteering at youth clubs or sports clubs
  • organise your information so that it is clear and easily accessible for the reader.
  • proofread your application - Do not underestimate the importance of proofreading.  Ask a friend to read your statement; they may spot errors that you have missed.  All application forms submitted to us are checked carefully for spelling and grammatical errors. This provides an initial impression of your literacy skills.


Follow these simple guidelines and you should put yourself in a good position to be invited to attend an interview with us, where you'll be able to build substantially on the evidence you provide on your form.


George Abbot SCITT ensures that there is equality of opportunity for all applicants in accordance with national legislation and its own aim, which is to achieve the widest recruitment into teaching.